Random Thoughts

The Presidential Dog?


So there’s tons of buzz about who the next president will be. With all the focus on the shenanigans in the press, I can’t help but think about what will happen AFTER the election. Not just for us but for the… wait for it… presidential dog. *I know what you’re thinking and no i’m not nuts*.

I bet every dog out there has his tail between his legs and is learning how to pray to the animal gods. I can see it now… the presidential dog runs for his life.

Dear presidential dog… to be,

My heart is heavy for you. I know you desire to be loved, cherished, and treated like royalty. We want the same for you. You should be as adored as the “first dog” and every day should be a vacation. Since that won’t be the case, here are a few hints that will help you survive the next two years. You must be strong in the midst of chaos… *and crazies*. Wigs and glasses are just accessories.  Don’t be afraid, wear them with with a doggie smile, the one where you show all your teeth. Do not, I repeat, do not bark at your new master unless you want to end up being the next topic of a debate. But then again, being on TV isn’t so bad, right? We are all rooting for you and praying that all the doggie angels protect you from going crazy. But if you do, run like hell. If you need us, contact your local TV station, send a letter by pigeon, and then … run like hell.

Sending good vibes and mental maps to you!
Your friends (who are thinking of ways you can escape)



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