Random Thoughts

Soooo Cold, but it’s MARCH


We had this thing called a Nor’easter or winter storm or just plain old weather monster this week in NY. It’s March and we are looking at another peek of the wet stuff this weekend. I’m feeling like a snowgirl who has become lazy. Calgon, don’t take me away, just warm my feet because I can’t wear my UGGs in this mess.
Dear Mother Nature,
So, you decided that you needed to show your behind a week before Spring begins. How dare you?! I get it. You’re all about girl power, the woman’s march, the girl statue they put on Wall Street. Here’s the deal. While we support you, half of us feel like ice kings and queens. The other half wishes they didn’t have to dig out their cars every time you send a snow storm. They are cussing both you and global warming.
If we promise to appreciate the women in our lives, support each other, and spread love in a feminist kind of way, can you promise to send your other family members on vacation so we can look forward to warmer air? No need to be fresh or sarcastic. Just say yes.
Thanks much!
InSanely Sane (the frozen snowgirl)


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