Random Holidays

Happy Spouse’s Day


I’m the single lady over here celebrating Spouse’s Day. No, I’ve never been married in the way you think. See, I have these people at work, you already know where I’m going with this. In case you don’t…

Dear Work Husband,

Today is your day. No, I will not buy you a gift or take you out for lunch because you’re married (with a marriage certificate). But I do want to say thank you. You listen to me when people drive me crazy. You laugh at my horrible jokes, because you know I sound like a fool and that’s funny to you. I can always depend on you to distract me with your work problems when I don’t feel like working (every Friday, that is). I look forward to going to work, because I know I can make it through the day as long as you don’t call out sick (or work from home, what’s up with that?).

So, thank you work husband. Without you, I would still exist but work life wouldn’t be as fun.

InSanely Sane


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