Random Thoughts

An Ode to Best Friends


Today, June 8, is Best Friend’s Day. *No, I did not make this up, although it would have been brilliant if I had.* This day means something different to everyone. Whether your best friend is your pet, child, mom, dad, or perhaps your favorite socks, today is for honoring that special someone or something. In my case, i’m honoring my mother, daughter, cat (who thinks she’s human) and my cell phone. *Fix your face, you know you can’t live without your phone.*

Dear best friend (you know EXACTLY who you are),

You’ve been there when I wanted and didn’t want you to be. You are my rock, paper, and scissors. *No really, no one can transform into the perfect being at the perfect time like you can.* Thank you for not pouring water on my head to cool me off when i’m angry. Thank you for pretending to listen to me when we both know that you’re really watching tv. Thank you for always keeping it real with me even when you know it will piss me off. *Side note: that was meant for Siri. Homegirl has a way of making me want to say some things.* Today is your day. Go buy yourself something nice, sign my name on it and remember it is the thought that counts. And yes, I thought of you. 🙂

Love your Best Friend Forever!

In the words of The Golden Girls, thank you for being a friend. *The theme song is stuck in my head*



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