Random Thoughts

National Fun At Work Day


Happy Fun At Work Day! It’s true, today is Fun At Work Day.

As I sit and think about what this means to me, I can’t help but hope that every person in my workplace received the memo. Just in case, I think I will create one right here for the world to see. Let the games begin!

To my fellow coworkers (If you are reading this, you are a coworker in my head),

It is my pleasure to inform you of this amazing holiday that has been kept a secret for too long. That’s right, today is OUR day. What does this mean for you? All meetings about “nothing” will be cancelled. All emails will receive an auto response that says you are having fun at work and will respond tomorrow. Side note: If your boss gets the auto response and falls off his/her chair, close your eyes and pretend you didn’t see it.

Why will we celebrate? Because if we have fun, it won’t feel like work. For one day, we will love our jobs and enjoy the company of our coworkers. Although an exception would be made for that one person who lives to make us miserable. We can send them a special auto response that says “Out of Office”.

So enjoy your day, you deserve it!

Your happy coworker




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