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Because Of You, I’m In Love


The one thing I can’t live without, besides my phone, is my headphones. I know you think i’m crazy, but life just isn’t the same without them.

While the rest of you are in denial, I am COMPLETELY aware of how amazing these things are. I decided to share the top 5 reasons I love, love, and I mean LOVE my headphones.

5. They get me through any emotion that comes my way. Depression, sickness, happiness, and well… insaneness (yes, it’s a word). And don’t let it have amazing sound. Holy Smokes!

4. I look cool. I already get carded when I go to the movies wearing a ponytail and no makeup. With these things, I can get a “do-over” and relive my teenage years. Oh yeah, the fountain of youth is in my headphones. Did I tell you I loved them?

3. I have an excuse to ignore everyone who speaks to me. For real. I don’t need to have any sound coming from them. People will automatically find it rude to speak to you if you have on headphones. The secret to having a little “me” time. Oh yeah!

2. They dub as earmuffs. Seriously. Do you remember when we had to wear earmuffs in the winter? Now I can keep my ears warm AND they do a better job.

And the #1 reason I am going to marry my headphones… drumroll please…

1. They have made me a celebrity. I know right?! I can turn up my music and pretend I am performing and dancing in my head. I am a celebrity in my own mind. Everyone loves my singing (even when i’m off key and screaming) and my dancing (even when I trip over my feet or forget every move except the 2-step). Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the applause.

I invite you to join me. Run and grab your headphones and meet me on stage in 5 minutes.

InSanely Sane



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