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My Hero Wears Pink


I don’t like to wear my emotions on my sleeves, but this may be THAT post. Brace yourself.

To My Hero in Pink,

Every October I am reminded of your strength, your courage, the pain you suffered. In your eyes, I see a winner. The only woman who could give me life and love me when I hated myself. I was mad at God when the pink arrived, but quickly asked for forgiveness. I watched you fight for your life, your happiness, your well being. You believed and made me a believer. This pink that came to destroy you no longer represents something negative. It’s a war you have already won. I see you stand strong, living life, smiling, showing the world the super woman i’ve always known. You are a living example that we have the power to overcome anything placed in our path.

In the mirror, you see the pink ribbon. With my eyes, I see the beautiful masterpiece God created. You are my SHERO, my inspiration, the reason I push myself to be the best I can be. Today, I celebrate YOU!

With Love,


Dedicated to my mom, a breast cancer survivor, my SHERO.


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