Random Thoughts

And Yet ANOTHER Debate


The second presidential debate has come to an end. I feel like celebrating!

I can’t believe I managed to sit through another debate or was that a passive aggressive fight. I dunno. SMH! I think the real winner here was the room. Not the people IN the room, the room itself.

Dear Four Walls (that had to host the debate),

Where do I begin? Hmmm… Ok. We, the people, express our gratitude to you for hosting this major event. We did’t have to be flies on your walls, instead we had a front row seat (curtesy of TV). I know you didn’t think you would make it through Mrs. Candidate getting put in jail, Mr. Candidate talking over everyone, or even better, neither candidate answering the questions. But you held on, for the people. We are extremely grateful.

Now, let’s get real for a minute and speak some truth. I heard you wanted to close your eyes and cause a power outage to make it all go away. *LOL!* I know you wished you could have said you had a church service to attend or a school performance for your kids. *ROFL, we wish we did too.* I know you preferred to watch football. *BTW, who’s your favorite team?* We’re sorry and we promise you won’t have to do this again for the next 5 days. Just look on the bright side, they both said something nice about each other at the end… I think. Take a break, breathe a little, and oh… don’t worry, you don’t have to cast a vote. *Lucky you!*

Thank you again for being a great sport!


The girl who just relived being in kindergarten.





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