Random Thoughts

About That Circus, I Mean Debate


I never thought I would be writing about politics, but how could I not? It would be like trying to avoid the annoying person who keeps texting you. Eventually you give in, get mad, and reply with “WHAT?“.

So, the Presidential circus, I mean debate, happened. And yes, I am behind in writing about it, because I am somewhat speechless. I mean… what more can I say? So I decided to do an interesting breakdown for those of you who have been deceived. No, I will not be releasing tax returns or deleted emails. 

How do you know when a circus is beginning?

  1. The candidates come out wearing each other’s party colors. Wait… it really happened. Hillary in a red dress, Donald (or shall i say THE Donald) in a blue tie. That’s it, I give up! I can stop right here and call it a wrap because after that, I was left in awe… of both of them. Talk about taking the red, white, and blue to the extreme. I guess it is the scene when they get to play dress up. Uh oh, did I say that?
  2. “Secretary Clinton” is acknowledged and motioned at. I think she should have taken a bow. I would have done a curtsey, taken a bow, danced… I mean gee, it would have fit right in. This was her one and only chance to show the world that she knows how to boogie.
  3. The questions aren’t answered. Kind of like the misbehaving children in the audience. You know… there’s always the ones that are throwing popcorn and pulling the hair of the person in front of them.
  4. Everything has a name that starts with “Trump” and everything else is “Hillary’s fault”. ROFL! From “Trumped up, trickled down” to “It’s Secretary Clinton’s fault”. Gotta love the fact that no one cares… or do we? If nothing else, it makes for awesome memes.
  5. The moderator disappears. Ok, so this has to be my FAVORITE moment of the entire debate. Perhaps I should have put this one in caps all over this post. Kudos to the networks for not allowing this to become the highlight of the event. However, i’m laughing, it’s hilarious, and where did they find him? ROFL!

Still laughing, confused, and just baffled. I’m DONE! *Drops the mike.*



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