Random Thoughts

I’m falling over for Fall


Yup, it’s here. Not sure why the leaves are still green, but Fall is officially here.

Can you tell that i’m doing somewhat of a happy dance? No more “hot cars” in the subway. For those who don’t know what that is, these are the train cars with no air condition. I’m so excited for a cool breeze, beautifully colored leaves, and most of all… THE CHILDREN ARE BACK IN SCHOOL. Hallelujah!

Hold on while I pause and do a dance. This is too good for Youtube, so please don’t expect me to record it.

Dear Fall or should I call you Autumn?,

I missed you so much. Summer wasn’t THAT hot, but what can I say? Hot is HOT no matter what the temperature is. The thought of spending the next 3 months with you is a blessing in disguise. I’m looking forward to having a hot flash without people staring at me. I can finally put my mini fan away and walk outside for a cool breeze. No more feeling dehydrated or gasping for air. The crisp chill you bring in the morning is just what I need to get my day started. If no one else says thank you, I’m saying… no SHOUTING from the roof tops. Welcome, feel free to stay as long as you’d like. Whew! I think I lost 5 pounds just from being thankful and getting happy. Talk about needing an asthma pump.


This HOT sista over here (having a hot flash)




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