Random Holidays

Happy Photography Day?


So apparently today is a holiday called “Photography Day”. I wonder how many people will see that and think it means “Selfie Day”. Or maybe i’m the only one.

I just want to be clear for the youngins… today is PHOTOGRAPHY DAY. Cellphones have caused you to “think” this means take a billion pictures of yourselves. Today, take pictures of someone or something else. Examples include crazy coworkers (especially the ones that get on your nerves… jk), silly animals (the internet loves cats), fashion trends (the things you see when it’s hot outside is worth the memory)… you get the idea.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you have dyed your hair some random color (purple, green, blue, rainbow), PLEASE take a selfie. If you are at the Olympics and history is made, PLEASE take a selfie. If you see another Pokemon stampede… well, take a selfie, get the pokemon and then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Happy Selfie… I mean Photography Day!



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