Random Thoughts

Independence Day Celebration


Happy 4th of July! Most people, especially the children, look forward to this day for its BBQs, fireworks, and family gatherings. Oh and a day off from work. Gotta love having a 3 day weekend.  On this day that we observe the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, I would like to pay homage to fireworks everywhere. Umm hmm, today is your day and I’m going to make sure everyone knows it.

Dear Brave and Fearless Fireworks,

I always start off my letters by giving thanks, but this one will be a bit different. Why? Because you, yes you, have managed to make people gather blankets, chairs, food, and the neighborhood kids just to see you. And when they get impatient, they head to the store and light up their own. Don’t be fooled. Some of those lights are really cell phones with blinking ringtones. You give free concerts to millions of people every year. I’d like to be your manager, because you deserve a pay check. You’re getting ripped off. The way I see it is this…

Every year on July 4th, you get in formation and slay the sky. The kids dance around, because baby you’re a firework with colors that burst. Adults, we love to hear the boom, boom, boom, because you know we’re all about that base. When that grand finale hits, boy you put in that work, work, work, work, work.

Who runs the world? FIREWORKS?!?!

Waiting for your call,
The girl who is getting ready for tonight’s performance



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