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Got Water?


Summer is officially here and my throat is parched just thinking about it. Everyone is carrying water bottles and braving the heat. I know it isn’t 90 degrees in NY yet, but when I asked my arms they assured me it felt like 100. On that note, i’ll be sitting back with a cup of ice cubes. When they melt, i’ll have ice cold water… I hope.

Dear Water Bottle (and the water IN the bottle),

I have so many nice things to say about you. Not sure if it has more to do with the fact that i’m hotter than the devil’s toe nails, or just thankful that you can put out the fire. Bare with me on this one.

I am so thankful for you. You keep us refreshed so we can use our energy to run passed the person next to us. You would think a race has started, but we’re the only ones who heard the whistle. We even like walking for blocks just to hold you like you’re our compass. When the sun comes out to attack us, you jump on your motor scooter and come to our rescue. Not to mention… you break a sweat in the process, hahaha. Side note: you HAVE to tell me what you think about people who pour water on themselves and then jump like they had no idea it would be cold. ROFL!

Any who, thanks for saving us from dehydration, faint, and being lonely (i’m convinced people carry you to have something to talk to). I just realized you’re like the golden child who saves us from ourselves… and the sun. My hat comes off to you with gratitude.


The girl still waiting for her ice cubes to melt



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