Random Thoughts

Ice Cream Soda Day


So this just happened. I had NO idea that ice cream soda had its own day. Perhaps it’s because the first day of Summer is getting all the attention. But… umm… can someone tell me where they are giving these away for free?

Dear Ice Cream Soda,

Let me start off by saying you are my new super hero. Who knew that you’d be so bold to take on Summer in a battle of the century. Trust me, the kids will go wild rooting for you and all your deliciousness.

On a serious note, since you have your own day, we need to start a petition to make this a federal holiday for adults only. It should be a no-work day filled with ice cream, bounce houses, and a vacation from anything that gives us a headache. What do you think about that? It will earn you the Super Hero of the Year award. *You know you want to do it.*

Anywho, I get off work at 5. I’ll meet you at the ice cream shop. Please make sure they have rainbow sprinkles for my top scoop.

The girl who hasn’t had an ice cream soda in years



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