Random Thoughts

It’s Father’s Day


One of the most rewarding jobs is being a parent. You have the honor of loving and being loved by a precious and amazing human being. It’s not always peaches and cream. Trust me, I know. In honor and on behalf of every father on YOUR day, I write this message… to the child support check.

*From the desk of a father*

Dear Child Support Check,

Good Lord! I would love to remain speechless, but there is so much on my mind. I have been asked to send you to the mother of my child(ren) every month. I wish I could buy those sneakers that just came out or get an extra large lunch this week, but I can’t. My two year old daughter needs a $50 purse, my son needs a $60 haircut and my baby mother needs a $3,000 something (don’t ask). Yup, she works hard, but can a brother live a little? So here’s the deal. In a few more years, the kids will be 18. That’s right, 18. I will throw a party because you will be all mine. I’ve learned my lesson and have decided to get a third job (because i’m tired of eating lunch from the conference rooms). Thank you for coming out of my paycheck on time and draining the life out of it. Soon, I will be able to live without high blood pressure, stress, and negative bank account. I love my babies, but I can’t wait for 18. In the meantime, get your pen out because the first of the month is almost here.


The dad who takes care of his kids



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