Random Thoughts

The Red Sneaker Epidemic

Red Sneakers

Living in New York City has opened my eyes to things I previously ignored. I’m not crazy about fashion and it usually goes over my head (unless it’s a bag that makes my head spin). Lately, my precious eyeballs have been picking up on red footwear. It’s all over the place like an epidemic. No one cares if it matches the outfit. There’s something about stepping outside in a red sneaker that screams “here I am” with such confidence. But when everyone’s doing it at the same time… Whoa!

Dear red sneaker,

There you are in all your fabulous glory. Ever since you took Dorothy home (back then you were glittery heels), people everywhere admire the power you have to make things happen. I applaud your ability to stay relevant and take over. You’re like a superhero. We’ll call you RED. I wish you much success in your effort to take over everyone’s feet and create your very own flash mob. If I haven’t said it already, congratulations.

Your friend whose feet can’t wait to try you out.

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