Random Thoughts

A Broken World


My heart breaks for our nation. Many families are being destroyed, hearts broken, and lives stolen. The impact on our future, the children, is far greater than we can see with our eyes. Will it ever end? Perhaps not, but we have to do better as a people, as a nation, as one big family.

Love conquers all, but clearly that has been contaminated. We judge, we hate, we treat each other without respect. This is what our world has come to.

My hope is that we can love again, we can learn to forgive,  we can rebuild what has been torn down. Our families need us, our children need us, our loved ones need us. As we pray for one another, let us also pray for ourselves.

My prayers go out to everyone impacted by the events in Orlando, to every broken heart, to every confused child, to our nation. May God heal our land.

Love, life, and light!




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