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Giving Thanks on a Tuesday


So yeah, this post has an awkward title, because technically I give thanks EVERYDAY. But there is something to be said about making it to Tuesday.

Just think for a minute… 3 more days until Friday (because i’m looking forward to my weekend AGAIN), one more day until the middle of the week, the one day that I can turn off my TV and not miss a show on my “must watch” list. Oh yes… Thank you Tuesday! I need to write a letter to Tuesday. Yup, i’m doing THAT.

Dear Tuesday,

I was just sitting here thinking about how Monday is a “thing”, Wednesday has it’s “hump day” thing going on, Thursday is a “throw back”, and Friday is… well the day we all look forward to. Then there is you. You deserve a little praise for being you. Without you, we would never get to the end of the week. I’m dubbing you “Turn Up Tuesday” because you kicked Monday’s behind. 🙂 If no one else appreciates you, I do. And on that note, i’m going to enjoy the rest of my Tuesday.

Your girl who’s glad Monday is over.



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