Random Thoughts

Thanksgiving Happened


This year was a bit different than the previous years. I normally make an effort to take time out and reflect on the things I am thankful for. This year, while I gave thanks I feel like it wasn’t enough. My mind kept drifting off to the idea of  all that food in one place.


Dear Thanksgiving table,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I want to express my gratitude for everything you do. You are one of the strongest, overlooked artifacts that I know. Not only do you stand on your four legs for hours, you hold 100 (ok, 7) pans of food, and utensils without complaining. People breathe over you and you never complain about the onion and garlic breath (or morning breath). They drop food on you and you never scream for them to clean it up. The kids kick your legs and you never buckle (or kick them back… I would). They bless the food and the hands that prepared it for what feels like eternity (while the kids and some adults sneak a taste). You are more patient than a saint. If it weren’t for you, we would be crowded around stoves and coffee tables trying to come up with something creative. But because of you, our lives have been upgraded. Thank you for being a real trooper.

Until next year,

The girl who put the food on the table



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