Random Thoughts

Why are you crying?

Child having a tantrum

Ugh, that moment when you are on public transportation and a kid gets on screaming. I have one word, or maybe it’s a thought… Grr

Dear little child,

Hi sugar dumpling. I know there must be a side of you that is sweet as honey. Why oh why do you send that part to play hide and seek every time you get on a bus or train? We hear you screaming, crying, and throwing a tantrum that your parents seem to tune out. We want to help you (well, some of us do). Please stop punishing us. Yes, we are staring at you. Yes, we want to tell your parent to let us have one minute with you, so we can end this show. But instead, we will pray the next stop is yours, put on our headphones, move as far as we can from your family, and make comments in our heads. Your antics will become the topic of conversation on Facebook and with our kids along with what we won’t tolerate. You have made yourself into an instant celebrity. Now that I think about it, you just showed us how to get noticed. SMH

The Frustrated Commuter



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