Random Thoughts

Me vs. My Glasses

Little girl, big glasses

Have you ever driven yourself nuts looking for something that’s right in front of your face? Or even better, it’s ON your face? If you’re anything like me, you and your glasses are currently in a fight. Or rather you are in a fight that your glasses are winning. 🙂 Since my glasses refuse to speak to me, i’m going to let MY voice be heard.

Dear Glasses,

What can I say? I can’t see with out you… on my face. However, sometimes I feel like I spend more time looking for you than knowing where you are. I know, half the time I’m wearing you, but that’s besides the point. I feel like you should give me some indication that you are where I need you to be. Nope, you sit there silent, pretending I have 20/20 vision. You were meant to help me, not laugh at me. We can live in perfect harmony if you could wave your arms or jump up and down when you see me looking for you like a crazy person. Why? Because you are ALREADY ON MY FACE. Talk about being sarcastic without saying a word. Shame on you!

The girl who CAN see (with glasses)



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