Random Thoughts

Make lemonade out of lemons?


They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Um… what? How about we remove the seeds first and then try that thought again. SMH!

Dear Mr. Lemon,

You are so useful, yet you have become a celebrity for your role in the play called “lemonade”. People forget that you have seeds, which could fall into the lemonade and grow trees in their stomachs. Yup, that’s what they told me growing up. I have an entire lemon forest in my belly that grows every time I drink water. They never said how to get the trees or the lemons out.

So thank you for sacrificing yourself in every saying that starts with “when life gives you lemons”. I wonder… if you could rewrite that saying, what would it be?

The Woman with the Lemon Forest Belly


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