Random Thoughts

No one is perfect!


From the mind of the Curious Baby (our guest blogger)…

Most adults think they’re always right. Especially when they’re compared to a kid. But the truth is, we are all humans and we will not always be the smartest. Nobody’s perfect when compared to others, but they will always be perfect in their own way. Out of frustration, I decided to write a letter from every kid to that one teacher who doesn’t get it.

Dear Mr. Zane,

You are a great teacher, and I appreciate the stuff that you do for me and the class, but… something is wrong. I mean, you are extremely intelligent, but… when you teach science, you have false observations. For example, in class earlier today, someone asked you how a solid can turn into a liquid. You said that it can’t, because only ice can when it melts. This statement is false and you had inaccurate data to support it. You said you know, because ice turns into water. The truth is, when a substance is a solid, its particles are tightly held together so they can only vibrate. When it turns into a liquid, its particles spread apart and can move frequently. Sorry if this sounds rude, I just wanted to let you know. I’m not saying that you are not smart, I’m saying that it’s ok to be wrong. You’re still my favorite teacher.

Little Miss Smarty Pants


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