Random Thoughts

When will my dreams come true?


From the mind of the Curious Baby (our guest blogger)…

When your friends are on TV, getting them to talk to each other is harder than you think. But I will never give up. My sister said, all of my dreams would come true, if I just believe. How come it’s not working?

Dear Strawberry Sally,

How come Kermit the Frog, hasn’t met Mickey Mouse yet? And how come he doesn’t hang out with Miss Piggy anymore? My dream was to always have all my favorite friends meet each other. Meanwhile, Miss Piggy is upset with Kermit. Has the world gone mad???!!!

Why can’t all the cool people be on the same TV show? When I asked my brother, he laughed at me and said that they are just actors. Is that true?

You said that my dreams would come true, all I have to do is believe. Please help!

Curious Baby


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