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Just Too Darn Strange

Happy Toilet

Automatic flushing toilets clearly solve a problem… or do they?

So these things have made our lives so much easier. As a mom, i no longer have to hike up a skirt or stretch my spanks to lift my leg and push a lever with my foot. I guess i don’t have to touch anything with my hands either… unless the thing doesn’t flush. Eww!

Then there is the strange things that this invention does. I mean… WHY is it that everytime I go to use the bathroom, the toilet wants to flush?

My letter to the toilet…

Dear Toilet,

I need you in my life so i don’t have to go outside in the cold, snow, and rain to find a place to squat. I admit, you are an amazing thing that makes my life a little better. Can you please do me a favor? Stop flushing before I get started. I’d also appreciate it if you can flush when I am done. Yes, I am short, but that shouldn’t be a problem… or is it? Let me know, I’d be happy to purchase a step stool if it means we can live in perfect harmony.

Mama Wet Pants


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